Hello! My name is Nate Magera and I'm a Web Developer.

I've built Full Stack projects with JavaScript, React and Node.js.

When I'm not coding, you can probably find me watching or playing a sport of some kind!

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freeCodeCamp Projects

Tech Stack: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js

Numerous projects completed through the freeCodeCamp curriculum

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Tech Stack: AWS Lambda, AWS Serverless, Postgres, Knex.js, JavaScript, React

A project designed to automate certain processes at Lambda School. This project involved creating a back-end service to assign students to their chosen projects, based on their choices.

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Art Portfolio

Tech Stack: React, Redux, Node.js, Postgres

Worked primarily as the Back-End developer. Used Node.js to create a back-end to feed data to the React app. Worked with a Postgres database for data storage.

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Dad Jokes

Tech Stack: React, Redux, styled-components

Worked primarily as the Senior Front-End developer. Used Redux for state management for the application. Worked with junior engineers on the team to build the React application.